Did you just receive flowers?

So, how do you care for your flowers?

It’s really simple. Just a few quick steps and great tips to keep them fresh and vibrant so you can enjoy them for much longer...

  • Simply place one stem in the vase to get an idea of the length and then cut the stems at an angle. The angle lets the stem drink more water. Every bouquet looks fuller when the flowers are closer to the vase lip. So, cut a few inches off the stems and place them carefully to achieve the perfect length.
  • Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line as it will help prevent bacterial growth and it may limit water uptake by the flower.
  • Fill your chosen vase with room temperature water, along with 1 packet of flower food provided with the bouquet.
  • You can creatively arrange and place your flowers in your vase.

How to enjoy at least 7 days of freshness?

  • Ensure the water in the vase is replenished frequently. It is not uncommon for a large flower arrangement to suck up all the water in a vase within the first day or two you have it at home. Keep the vase full to ensure the flowers do not dry out and wilt.
  • Trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before you put them in a vase and each time you change the water.
  • Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.
  • Avoid sitting your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples. Ripening fruit gives off an odorless invisible gas called ethylene which is deadly to flowers.
  • After you throw out your last arrangement, be sure to wash the vase/container very thoroughly in hot soapy water or, better yet, in your dishwasher.
    Bacteria build up in dirty vases and do not go away just because the vase dries out. As soon as you add water again, the vase will once again be full of bacteria and your new bouquet will be subjected to the same bacteria that killed the last bouquet. Give your flowers a fresh clean environment free of bacteria and they will last much longer.