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You're The One I Love...
Illuminating Love
My Best Friend Forever
You're My Grumpy Old Man
Always Thought You Had Nice Buns
Love Heart
How Lucky Are You?
Have A Totally Roar-Some Valentine's Day
Boyfriend I'm Crazy For You
How Lucky Are You?
I Love You Forever And Always
I Love You Forever And Always
Love Is In The Air
But It Costs Nothing To Turn Me On!
I Spy With My Little Eye...
Love Is In The Air
I'm In Love With My Dino-Mite Boyfriend
My Gorgeous Boyfriend...Love You Lots
Hearts For The Best Boyfriend
You're On Top Of My To-Do List
Love Heart
Happy Valentine's Day Sausage!
Being With You Is My Favourite Place To Be!
One I Love
You Are My Everything!
Love is Not Having To Hold Your Farts In
I'm So Lucky  To Spend Valentine's Day With You
I'd Wish I could Turn Back The Clock
First You Stole My Heart...
You'll Always Have My Heart... t's Yours Forever More,
Valentine Love Hearts
It's Valentine's...Let's Debrief
Love You
My Wonderful Boyfriend
Three Little Words...Wine, Takeaway, Netflix
You're A Keeper
Special Boyfriend With Love
Together, We're Complete
Love You, Love Us
You Are The Best Thing In My World
I Tolerate...Love You
Love Is...Always Putting The Seat Down
You Are The King Of My Heart
I Love You Even Though...
Love You Valentine Heart
I Nearly Pressed Delete
Olive You
Love Forever
To My Partner In Crime
Valentine's Day Hearts
Waddle I Do Without You?
The One I Love
Be My Valentine
Never Forget
My Amazing Husband
Everything I Brew, I Brew It For You
The Best Things In Life Are Better With You
B is For My Brilliant Boyfriend
A Special Husband Angel Wings
I Donut What I'd Do Without You
I Only Have Eyes For You
My Smashing Husband Too Hot For Cactus
Cact-U, Cact-I, Cact-Us
You Light Up My World
Happy Valentine's Day To Us
You Are My Penguin
Cutest Valentine
There's no one I'd rather fall asleep on the sofa next to...
Our First Valentine's Day Together
Every Day I Love You Ewe More
For My Gorgeous Husband
Looooooog Time
Thanks For Not Being Another Weirdo On The Internet
You Tickle My Pickle!
Will You Be My Valentine?
Roses Are Red...
I Love You Beary Much
Valentine's Day Sex
Pugs & Kisses
Hot Toast
I Still Fancy The Arse Of You
Naked Cuddle
I Want To Grow Old & Saggy With You
You Are My Sun, The Moon And All Of The Stars...
Be My Valentine?
You Turn Me On...Super Hot!
Happy Valentine's Day Hearts
Love You To The Moon And Back
My Gorgeous Boyfriend
Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
A Big Card For A Big Softie
With Love To My Gorgeous Boyfriend
Don't Worry I'll Give You the D Later
Especially For You...Be My Valentine
4 Star Rating For My Excellent Boyfriend
Hugs & Kisses For My Daddy
You Are My Person...
You're My Ride Or Die
Happy Valentine's Day
You And Me Forever

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