Birthday Girls

Make this year unforgettable with a custom Birthday Card.

Say it with Happy Days Factory every age is an achievement, every age deserves a celebration.

Whether you’re honouring a friends/relative’s/partners Birthday or planning your own special shindig.

Our Birthday Cards are a joy browse and easy to personalise, so you can actually have fun creating it.

With a rich variety of designs, you’re bound to find something that fits your vibe or theme.

Once you’ve browsed around and spotted the right design, customise it with all the good stuff, names, photos, message details.

Then place your order. We’ll take it from there, professionally printing, packaging and posting the final product.

Your Birthday Cards will arrive looking great and get your recipients in the party spirit, don’t forget you can add gifts, for adults Wines/Champagne/Chocolates to mention a few!

Thank you for choosing Happy Days Factory


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E Card AGE2g7
Birthday Granddaughter Super
E Card AGE3G9
Birthday Granddaughter Beautiful
E Card AGE1g8
Special Daughter Birthday
E Card AGE4G3
E Card AGE4b2
E Card AGE4G4
E Card AGE4G6
Birthday Card-Sister Worlds Best
E Card AGE4G7
Birthday To A Special Daughter
E Card AGE2B5
E Card AGE4G5
Birthday Card- Heart Emoji
birthday card17
E Card AGE2B4
birthday card36
Birthday Card - Lets Party Birthday Girl
E Card AGE2b1
Birthday Card- Lets Party From Me
birthday card10
E Card AGE4g1
birthday card11
Birthday Card- Emoji Birthday Celebrations
E Card AGE2b2
birthday card14
E Card AGE4G2
E Card AGE2b3
birthday card16
Birthday Card- Trophy Star
E Card AGE4b3
its your birthday
Birthday Card-Emoji Heart Colourful
E Card AGE2
Birthday Card-Princess Crown
make a wish
Birthday Card-Music
E Card AGE4b8
E Card AGE1g4
Birthday-Granddaughter Crown
E Card AGE3G8
Sisters 10 Today
E Card AGE1g5
Birthday Card-Lets Party
Birthday Card-Amazing Gold
Birthday Card - Photo Frame
Birthday Card-Birthday Girl Photo
E Card AGE1g6
E Card AGE4b1
Niece You Are 16 Cake Hearts Stars
E Card AGE1g7
Birthday Card-Poppy
Birthday Card - Zig Zag Photo
E Card AGE3g7
Age12-Birthday Cats
E Card AGE1b8
E Card AGE3G4
Birthday-Princess Daughter
Age 1-Birthday 1Hippo
E Card AGE3g1
Age13-Birthday Luck 13
E Card AGE1b4
E Card AGE3g2
Age13-Birthday Wizard
Birthday Hearts & Gifts
Birthday- Happy Girl Party
E Card AGE1b5
E Card AGE3g3
E Card AGE1b6
Age13-Birthday Cake Girl
Birthday Bestie Girls
Age13-Birthday Yayyy
Age13-Birthday Girl Pooch
Birthday-Lovely Daughter
Age13-Birthday Vampire Dress
Birthday-Beautiful Daughter
Happy Birthday sun
Birthday-Sweet Little Daughter
Purple HB
Birthday-Cool Daughter
Birthday-Daughter Red Flowers
Sister. Lines
Age12-Birthday Celebrations
age6today name
E Card AGE3b2
birthday card138
E Card AGE3B8
Age13-Birthday Karate
birthday card09
E Card AGE1g1
Birthday-Best Daughter Ever
Birthday-Special Granddaughter
E Card AGE3G5
Birthday-Granddaughter Mermaid
Birthday-Granddaughter Princess

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